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Stratton Equities is Hiring Mortgage Loan Officers to Join Their Dynamic New Jersey Team and Build a Lucrative Career in the Mortgage Industry

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Amid a changing landscape within the mortgage industry, Stratton Equities, a leading nationwide private money and NON-QM mortgage lender, continues to experience exponential growth. Despite numerous mortgage loan companies facing challenges, Stratton Equities finds itself in the fortunate position of seeking new additions to their dynamic team. Rather than rushing to fill seats, the company’s focus remains steadfastly on quality, seeking those individuals who align with the company’s core values and ethos. 

As a cornerstone in the industry, Stratton Equities prides itself on its commitment to its team members. Understanding that the success of the company is a reflection of the success of its employees, Stratton Equities continually invests in their development. This dedication extends to all team members, from management to the loan officers, who are critical components of the company’s success. 

However, this commitment to quality and fit doesn’t mean Stratton Equities is not actively hiring. On the contrary, the company is actively seeking experienced Mortgage Loan Officers to join their headquarters in New Jersey. This presents an exciting opportunity for skilled professionals looking for a vibrant, supportive work environment that guarantees abundant direct organic daily leads, hands-on management training and support, niche mortgage loan programs with competitive pricing, and advanced mortgage technology. 

Stratton Equities’ recipe for success has been a winning combination of dedication to clients, employees, and an innovative approach to the mortgage industry. They’ve carved out a niche in the market by customizing their private money loan programs for each unique project investment need. Unlike other mortgage companies, Stratton Equities’ focus is on providing the most diverse range of nationwide niche mortgage programs in the industry. It’s a solution-focused approach that truly sets them apart. 

Mortgage Loan Officers who join the Stratton Equities team can expect a plethora of benefits and opportunities: 

  • Providing Mortgage Loan Officers with inbound organic daily leads, reducing the need for cold calling or prospecting. 
  • Stratton Equities boasts a highly competitive compensation plan, with first-year earning potentials ranging from $110,086.26 – $190,677.36. 
  • Loan officers gain access to a library of nationwide private money and NON-QM mortgage loan programs under one roof, opening multiple solutions for borrowers. 
  • The company offers some of the lowest interest rates nationwide in private lending, starting at 6.75%, and can pre-approve a loan within 24 hours. 
  • Stratton Equities promotes career advancement and growth from within, giving loan officers the chance to take on new challenges and responsibilities as they progress in their careers. 
  • A dynamic work environment where you work directly with prospective real estate investors, mortgage and real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, and borrowers. 

By joining Stratton Equities, Loan Officers not only become a part of a dedicated, innovative team but also contribute to the company’s legacy of helping clients navigate their mortgage needs. 

Stratton Equities isn’t just looking for any candidates – they’re looking for the right fit. They’re on the lookout for professionals ready to say “Yes” more, to work with a company that’s invested in their success, and to be a part of a team that’s redefining the mortgage industry. For more information about Stratton Equities and to apply for a position, visit their websites at and or email a resume to 

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