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Stratton Equities Seeks Mortgage Loan Officers for Its Dynamic New Jersey Team: A Golden Opportunity in the Mortgage Sector

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In the face of a transforming mortgage industry landscape, Stratton Equities, a prominent nationwide private money and NON-QM mortgage lender, is witnessing substantial growth. While numerous mortgage loan companies grapple with challenges, Stratton Equities finds itself in the advantageous position of seeking new talent for their vibrant team. Rather than hastily filling positions, the company’s concentration remains firmly on quality, hunting for individuals who resonate with the company’s foundational principles and culture.

As a stalwart in the sector, Stratton Equities prides itself on its commitment to its team members. Recognizing that the company’s triumph is a mirror of its employees’ success, Stratton Equities consistently invests in their growth. This devotion extends to all team members, including management and the loan officers, who are essential elements of the company’s prosperity.

This commitment to quality and alignment doesn’t signify that Stratton Equities is not in recruitment mode. Quite the opposite, the firm is vigorously seeking seasoned Mortgage Loan Officers to join their headquarters in New Jersey. This presents an enticing opportunity for adept professionals looking for an energetic, supportive work setting that guarantees a wealth of direct organic daily leads, hands-on management training and support, niche mortgage loan programs with competitive pricing, and cutting-edge mortgage technology.

Stratton Equities’ winning formula for success hinges on dedication to clients, employees, and an innovative approach to the mortgage industry. They’ve forged a niche in the market by tailoring their private money loan programs for each distinct project investment need. Unlike other mortgage companies, Stratton Equities’ focus is on providing the most diverse range of nationwide niche mortgage programs in the industry. It’s a solution-focused approach that genuinely sets them apart.

Mortgage Loan Officers who align with the Stratton Equities team can anticipate an array of benefits and opportunities:

  • Stratton Equities provides Mortgage Loan Officers with inbound organic daily leads, thus minimizing the necessity for cold calling or prospecting.
  • Stratton Equities offers an incredibly competitive compensation plan, with first-year earning potentials ranging from $110,086.26 – $190,677.36.
  • Loan officers get access to a repository of nationwide private money and NON-QM mortgage loan programs under one roof, offering multiple solutions for borrowers.
  • The company proffers some of the lowest interest rates nationwide in private lending, commencing at 6.75%, and can pre-approve a loan within 24 hours.
  • Stratton Equities fosters career advancement and growth from within, enabling loan officers to embrace new challenges and responsibilities as they advance in their careers.
  • A dynamic work environment where you directly engage with prospective real estate investors, mortgage and real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, and borrowers.

By integrating with Stratton Equities, Loan Officers not just join a dedicated, innovative team but also contribute to the company’s legacy of assisting clients in navigating their mortgage needs.

Stratton Equities is not just seeking any candidates – they’re searching for the right match. They’re on the hunt for professionals ready to embrace more opportunities, to collaborate with a company that’s invested in their success, and to be a part of a team that’s revolutionizing the mortgage industry. For more information about Stratton Equities and to apply for a position, visit their websites at and or email a resume to

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