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This App Launches The Property Restoration Process Into High Gear

Property Restoration
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California experienced severe flooding this winter. And Florida is going through a new round of weather woes with heavy rain. Mother nature keeps property insurance and restoration professionals busy.

Now they can streamline their schedules, and speed up projects with RocketPlan, a growing SaaS platform for property restoration management.

“With mobile-first technology, we’ve been able to cut time spent on administrative work by more than 50 percent, reducing the burden of ‘paperwork’ on restoration field teams,” says Joe Tolzmann, CEO of RocketPlan.

“Capturing the correct data in the field, with real-time access, keeps multiple projects running smoothly, and gets people back in their homes faster.”

Tolzmann says existing industry software was built pre-smartphone, so the platforms aren’t user friendly. He experienced firsthand the challenges of capturing data on the go during his days as a restoration professional on projects.

And when weather disasters like hurricanes, floods, or fires hit, the number of projects can run high.

“You have hundreds of insurance adjusters on the ground, taking photos, writing up reports, assessing damage…most of the time, there’s no real-time data access between adjusters on the ground, and office teams,” explains Tolzmann.

That leads to extra administrative work as field employees are then required to input data into a computer back at the office. “Then it has to get sent to the proper personnel for review,” he adds. “It’s very time-consuming.”

“We’re saving each employee about one hour of admin work each day. Imagine a team of 50. That’s 250 hours of administrative labor saved each week,” says Tolzmann. 

The RocketPlan platform takes captured data and automatically generates reports. These can quickly be submitted for insurance claims. Because it’s an all-in-one app, every stakeholder – the restoration company, insurance adjuster, estimator, independent adjuster, project manager, insurance carrier, and property owners – all have access to the same, relevant documentation.

All that documentation is GPS-tracked and time-stamped, which has the added benefit of reducing liability risks.

“Reports all in one place creates transparency. Not only minimizing the insurer’s liability, but it prevents fraud – by every stakeholder,” adds Tolzmann.

Property Restoration

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Features of the app include moisture logging and equipment tracking, as well as time-tracking and accounting integration capabilities. There’s also a scanning tool built into the platform.

All these features are attracting well-known companies to the startup’s software.

“We’re the youngest [management] platform on the market, but we’re already signing globally-known names in the property restoration industry,” adds Tolzmann.

And the growth appears to be explosive.

“We’re expecting to quadruple our current team by the end of the year,” he says.

On the RocketPlan website, testimonials laud that there’s no guessing or wondering where documents are stored or shared using the app. Users praise the platform’s ability to maximize operational efficiency, which has helped RocketPlan’s clients land new customers.

“It all begins with accurately captured data. Finding the right tools to solve the challenges that come with on-site documentation is key to streamlining the process, and ensuring that all stakeholders are connected, communicating and collaborating during a property restoration project,” says Tolzmann.

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