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Out With The New, In With The Old: Embrace the Scent of Spring; find out the Top 3 Trending Fragrances from INDIEHOUSE

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Fragrances have been used for centuries to enhance our mood, evoke memories, and even improve our overall well-being. In the spring, fragrances take on a special significance, as they can help us to shake off the winter blues and embrace the spirit of renewal and rejuvenation.

So as the weather warms up and the flowers start to bloom, it’s time to switch up your fragrance game and embrace the scents of spring. This season, three fragrances are trending, and they all can be purchased at INDIEHOUSE, a fragrance boutique in Georgia. The company has two locations: one in Alpharetta, GA and the second in Midtown, Atlanta, GA. Both are owned by Carrie Hadley, an award-winning Perfumer. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

First up, we have Petite Chérie by Goutal Paris. This fragrance, which means “Little Sweetheart” in French, is a beautiful tribute to the bond between a mother and her daughter. Annick Goutal created this perfume for her own daughter, Camille, when she was just 23 years old. It’s a caress of rose and pear, surrounded by a cocoon of vanilla and musk. It’s a warm, comforting scent that is perfect for spring, and it’s become an icon of the Goutal Paris house. Therefore, this perfume is the one to wield to let someone know that you adore them.

Next, we have Rosendo Mateu #5 by Rosendo Mateu. This fragrance is a little more exotic, with a floral note that doesn’t exist in nature. It’s like a dream in a bottle, and it’s no wonder that fragrance lovers have been swooning over it since the Barcelona-based niche house launched it a few years ago. The scent is complex but still wearable, with a warm, ambery note that makes it a perfect transition from the cooler temperatures of winter to the warmth of spring. So if you’re looking for a unique fragrance that will turn heads, this is the one to try.

Last but not least, we have Champs de Provence by Eight + Bob. This fragrance is all about the French way of life, with its roots in the beautiful region of Provence. Every spring, Albert Fouquet would visit his friends, Alessandro and Chiara, at their villa in Provence and breathe in the freshness of the more than 1600 wild plants that flowered in the countryside. This fragrance captures that essence perfectly, with a fresh, clean scent that is perfect for ushering in the springtime mood. If you want to feel sophisticated and relaxed all at once, this is the fragrance for you.

In conclusion, these three fragrances from independent perfume houses are the top picks for spring. From the warm, comforting scent of Petite Chérie to the exotic floral notes of Rosendo Mateu #5 to the fresh, clean scent of Champs de Provence, there’s something for everyone. So why not switch up your fragrance game this spring and try something new? Your nose will thank you.

To find more about these fragrances, go to INDIEHOUSE modern fragrances ( Follow them on Instagram @indehousefragrances.

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