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Economics Internships for High Schoolers: A New Pathway to a Successful Future

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The year 2023 hails the dawn of an epoch where high school students are plunging headfirst into the career world earlier than ever. As depicted by a recent survey conducted by the Consultancy PRISM, a staggering 70% of students enrolled in top 50 universities, as per the U.S. News, have already ticked off at least one internship experience during their high school tenure. This data creates a compelling argument for the parents of future business wizards, motivating them to scour the horizon for beneficial opportunities. To make the hunt easier, here are some renowned internship programs advocated by high school counselors for the upcoming year.

StandOut Connect: A Pragmatic Approach to Career Building 

To start, StandOut Connect is a remote program backed by The University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Innovation that is formulated to pair high school students with paid internships that align with their areas of interest. An embodiment of a pragmatic approach to career building, this program offers a vibrant range of opportunities, allowing students to interview until they are hired to tackle meaningful projects. 

Chicago Business Institute Summer Internship Program: A Beacon of Professional Exposure 

The Chicago Business Institute Summer Internship Program (CSBI) serves as a beacon of professional exposure for Chicago’s high school students. Spanning six weeks, this paid internship unfolds at a diverse collection of banks, law firms, accounting and engineering firms peppered across the Loop and business districts. An exploration into real-world work settings, this program can ignite the spark of ambition in young minds. 

Columbia Engineering Hk Maker Lab: Harnessing the Power of Innovation 

For those students with an itch for design and a penchant for innovation, the Hk Maker Lab introduced by Columbia Engineering is a perfect match. This intensive six-week summer program delves into the essence of design while propelling students to address health-related issues. Participants are guided to create, prototype, and test a biomedical device and also develop a relevant business plan. An amalgamation of creativity and strategy, this program can be an excellent platform to launch future entrepreneurs and health innovators. 

Barnard College Athena Summer Innovation Institute: Empowering Young Women 

Barnard College’s Athena Summer Innovation Institute is an intensive three-week boot camp specifically designed for young women. This initiative equips participants with the practical skills and vital knowledge required to turn their innovative ideas into a reality that can create a positive impact on the world. It is a beacon of empowerment that encourages young women to push boundaries and redefine norms. 

1435 Capital Management High School (Venture Analyst) Internship: Exploring the Business and Finance Realm 

Tailored for high school students in their junior or senior year harboring a curiosity in business, finance, and entrepreneurship, the 1435 Capital Management High School (Venture Analyst) Internship provides an in-depth exploration of these sectors. As interns for a specialized venture capital firm, students get a first-hand experience of the mechanics of the financial world. 

The metamorphosis from a student to a professional requires exposure, experience, and exploration. High school internships serve as preliminary actions toward the vast ocean of professional life. By leveraging these opportunities, young minds can immerse themselves in practical knowledge, get a taste of their areas of interest, and set a solid foundation for their future careers. This move may well become a turning point, catapulting them into the realms of successful professionals of tomorrow. 

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