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Ty Woods Overcomes Adversity as an African-American Woman to Inspire and Bridge the Gap

TY Woods
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Ty Woods, a serial entrepreneur, business coach, investor, and spiritual leader, has shattered barriers and emerged as an influential force, igniting change in the business world. With a passionate commitment to bridging the gap between education and business, Ty has triumphed over hurdles as an African-American woman, proving that determination and perseverance can lead to remarkable success. She lives by her favorite quote, “If you believe you can, you’re right. If you believe you can’t, you’re also right,” by Henry Ford, which encapsulates her mindset and drive.

Ty Woods, together with her husband, is the Co-Founder of Artportunity Knocks Inc., a nonprofit organization that has been providing STEM and Arts Education to students nationwide for over 15 years. Education lies at the core of her passion, as she witnessed the effects of dyslexia and limited resources on her own family members. Motivated by their experiences, Ty vowed to create a bridge between education and business. All of her business platforms, from classes to workshops and one-on-one mentoring, integrate an educational component.

As a thought leader in education, small businesses, nonprofits, and grant development, Ty Woods holds an esteemed position in the business field. Her unwavering commitment has led her to lead lectures across the country and establish herself as an expert in landing corporate partnerships, fundraising for nonprofits, and developing revenue strategies for small businesses. Notable partnerships have been forged with industry giants such as Target, American Family Insurance, Cox Enterprises, and PayPal, among others. Ty’s driving passion is to “even the playing field” for small businesses, particularly those led by women and people of color. She has personally experienced discrimination and has made it her mission to advocate for equal opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Ty Woods

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Beyond her remarkable professional achievements, Ty Woods is a firm believer in giving back. Her businesses have generated millions of dollars in revenue, but she prides herself not on what she has earned, but on the positive impact she has made on her church and local causes. Through her expanding government contracting sectors, real estate rental portfolio, and on-demand education platforms, Ty has expanded her brands on both national and international scales. She is a living example that one can overcome adversity and achieve financial success.

Ty Woods’s journey has been one of triumph over adversity, tackling unique challenges faced as an African-American woman. She used to live in a homeless shelter, Covent House, CA, 23 years ago, but through her determination and resilience, she has now reached a level where she makes six figures and broke her seven-figure record last year. Additionally, Ty graduated as the valedictorian of her class, showcasing her academic excellence and dedication to personal growth.

One of the significant hurdles she encountered was the limited access to funding. Despite witnessing organizations similar to hers receive substantial funding, Ty recognized the disparity and resolved to create change. Her experience and expertise in securing corporate partnerships have allowed her to level the playing field and provide support to underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Moreover, Ty faced mental health challenges and battled with negative self-perception. Overcoming these obstacles required embracing herself fully and recognizing her inherent value

as a believer in Christ, a friend, and a mother. Through self-love and self-appreciation, Ty began attracting like-minded individuals who shared her vision of empowerment.

“I believe in the power of self-love and self-appreciation,” affirms Ty Woods. “When we recognize our own worth, we can conquer any obstacle and achieve greatness.”

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Ty Woods finds joy in traveling, lecturing, and immersing herself in business articles. Her book, “Compact Guide: 14 Ways to Make $1,000 A Month During A Pandemic,” offers invaluable insights and strategies for financial success.

To learn more about Ty Woods and her inspiring journey, visit her website at Stay connected and gain valuable insights by following her on Instagram at @tywoodsgetgrants. 

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