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XIX International, Dubai Based Trade Management Consulting Firm Targets UAE Market

XIX International, Dubai Based Trade Management Consulting Firm Targets UAE Market
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XIX International is a Dubai based trade management consulting company that specializes in micromanaged trade related processes to help clients navigate communication between international companies in hopes of closing trade deals.

In international markets, especially in the trade industry, there are a lot of open issues that cause trade deals to fall apart. Most of the issues are related to communication, planning and execution strategy. United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf in general, is the region considered the center of the world for global trade as the region’s main activity has been general trading since the beginning its existence.

While international buyers are aware that the Middle East is in fact very much oriented around various commodity trading such as oil and gas, and petroleum products, the gap between the supplier and buyer can be quite big enough to kill the deal.

How to make sellers and buyers connect without falling apart? This is the expertise and specialty provided by XIX International. XIX International arranges best communication and negotiation assistance for both clients, whether they are buying or selling.

XIX International works with suppliers and helps them negotiate deals and provide best guidance to execute and manage the deal with professional strategies, and XIX International also works with buyers and helps them to purchase products in best possible terms.

There are many external factors that fall into trade deal management, and these factors are the reason why most of the deals in the Middle East’s trade market usually fall apart. XIX International partners bring decade of experience in international trade business including contracting supervision, negotiation, production and manufacturing management assistance and even international logistics assistance and strategy guidance for international markets.

XIX International already works with local Dubai based trading firms and provides them global consulting services to strategically position themselves in global markets within their own sectors. 

XIX International partners, Swapnadip Roy and Paulius Stankevicius, believe that United Arab Emirates have a lot of potential to be one of the world’s leading centers for global trade but still there is space for improvement in certain areas such as global communication and corporate negotiations, and these are the specific segments that XIX International aims to fulfill.

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