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LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts Sheds Light on the Powerful Role of Passion in Helping Others Succeed and Rise Above

Many believe that to become a successful person, one must work hard and be determined to pursue their goals. However, people are missing that grit and dedication can only be activated if one is genuinely passionate about their crafts. True enough, passion plays a powerful role in climbing the pinnacles of greatness. It serves as one’s driving force that transcends limitations, breaks barriers, and defies odds, transforming one’s vision into action. As someone who has turned her dreams into reality, thanks to her zealous spirit, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts sheds light on the power of passion through her story of success.

“I hope my story can inspire others and enable them to understand what passion can do,” shared LaDeidra.

For as long as LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts can remember, she has always been fascinated by studying people’s minds and behaviors. This entrepreneur, mental health counselor, and children’s life coach have always believed that she can help people better by understanding the human mind and helping them enhance people’s strengths and deal with their weaknesses. On top of that, her mother, Richardean B. Stokes, also had a similar passion for helping others understand themselves, fueling LaDeidra to pursue counseling and social work. For this reason, LaDeidra began carving her own path and studied at South Carolina State University.

After finishing her studies at South Carolina State University, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts continued to improve her craft by finishing a Master of Arts Degree in Human Services Counseling/Marriage and Family Cognate at Liberty University. She also holds a master of science degree in human services from Capella University. While working to obtain her third master’s degree in social work, LaDeidra has become a registered mental health counselor intern for the State of Florida.

The academic milestones that she has achieved have surely equipped LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts to be an expert in the field. However, being an expert only meant something to LaDeidra when she fulfilled her goal of helping others grow and succeed. For this reason, she decided to work on her passion-driven vision and breathe life into RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LLC and RBS Consulting and Training Services. 

Essentially, these institutions provide children and families with mental health, education, and life coaching services. They are designed to identify the individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and enhance one’s well-being throughout the sessions. The programs include fun and hands-on activities, as well as initiatives that are dedicated to giving back to the community. RBS also provides fidget boxes or bags that help those children who struggle with focus, stress, and anxiety.

By pursuing a passion-driven journey toward success, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts has established institutions designed to help and enlighten children and families. In this dog-eat-dog world, LaDeidra believes that people need all the help they can get to live a happy and normal life. With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, LaDeidra hopes to continue materializing her vision while inspiring others never to give up on their passion.


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