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Making Landscaping Greener: Stuart Griffiths Is Partnering With Stihl to Create a More Sustainable Industry

Making Landscaping Greener: Stuart Griffiths Is Partnering With Stihl to Create a More Sustainable Industry
Photo Courtesy: Stuart Griffiths

By: Joshua Finley

With 78% of consumers advocating for sustainability and 84% expressing reluctance to support brands with poor environmental practices, the importance of eco-conscious initiatives has never been clearer. Stuart Griffiths, founder of Eco-Green Garden Care, is leading the charge in making the landscaping industry greener. He stands at the forefront of sustainability, setting a new standard in the field.  

Eco-Green Garden Care’s Mission

Sustainability lies at the heart of Griffiths’ mission. He is determined to positively impact the environment while revolutionizing traditional practices in the landscaping industry. Through Eco-Green Garden Care, Griffiths aims to lead by example, demonstrating that sustainable business practices are not only possible but also beneficial for both the planet and business. 

“Our goal was to be Australia’s most environmentally sustainable garden care provider, but having achieved this, there are no grounds on which to rest on our laurels,” Griffiths says. “We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and implementing ever-improving eco-friendly practices throughout our operations.”

A Strategic Partnership

Griffiths’ latest green endeavor involves a partnership with Stihl, a global leader in commercial power equipment. This partnership will work on the continued development of sustainable tools and practices in landscaping. Together, Stihl and Griffiths are developing cutting-edge tools that prioritize sustainability without compromising performance. 

“We were approached by Stihl back in December 2023 to explore the possibility of partnering with them in product development,” Griffiths says. “It’s an exciting opportunity that not only allows my team to work with new tools but also signifies our company’s growing impact on sustainability.” 

The partnership entails extensive product testing for innovative tools that have yet to hit the market. While details about these tools are still classified, Griffiths emphasizes the collaboration’s broader implications. “Our company’s impact on sustainability, albeit small, is starting to have a global reach,” he shares. 

Why Sustainability Matters 

The benefits of sustainability extend beyond environmental considerations. Griffiths emphasizes the broader implications of adopting eco-friendly business practices. “It isn’t just a moral imperative—it’s also a sound business strategy,” he shares. “Clients appreciate the lower noise levels, absence of fumes, and reduced environmental impact associated with our services.” 

“We are moving toward what I refer to as Conscientious Capitalism. In this evolving economy, businesses that exist purely for profit will struggle, while those that profit to exist and exist for a greater purpose will thrive.”

Griffiths acknowledges that the journey toward sustainability in his business has been deliberate. “In the early days, the focus was on making ends meet,” he reflects. “But as the business grew, I began to think about the legacy I wanted to leave behind.”

Eco Green Garden Care’s commitment to sustainability has not gone unnoticed. The company achieved carbon-neutral certification, a testament to its dedication to offsetting its environmental impact. Griffiths proudly shares that their carbon emissions have decreased significantly despite the business’s growth.

A Greener Future

Looking ahead, Griffiths is excited about the Stihl partnership and its impact on promoting sustainable practices in the landscaping industry. “This collaboration is just the beginning,” he says. “We’re committed to pushing boundaries and driving positive change, one tool at a time.” 

As Stuart Griffiths and Eco-Green Garden Care continue to lead the charge of sustainability in landscaping, their partnership with Stihl represents a significant milestone in their journey and paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future in the industry. 

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